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Center Ice made me a prisoner in my own house!

I'm going nuts with the hockey. Leafs/Stars was an entertaining game, but Stars D wasn't Stars D yesterday. When Mats Sundin can make it through three guys into the slot, it's not really Stars hockey, is it? Stars O did turn it on, but Leafs turned it on more. Ponikarovsky has a cool name. :) I enjoyed Stajan's picture in the graphic they showed of him. It was all chiarascuro, all dark and shadowy behind, light in front. It was like he was a superhero.

Flyers/Ducklings. Umm. *peers around* Flyers D looked awful in the first. Overall I think the Flyers were lucky to get a point out of that. *shrugs* Petr is so dorky when he scores, with the little dorky fist-pumping and such. They interviewed Feds during an intermission. He was wearing a toque with the top cut off. Someone needs to tell Feds he's in SoCal now.

The bum who threw up at the bus stop and then peed in front of me has taken up residence on that corner I think. He's like, nesting or something with bits of carboard and plastic bags and other bumly items. However, there was also a dead pigeon there that obviously didn't die of natural causes. I'm not sure which disturbs me more - that he killed a pigeon and left it there, or that he brought a dead pigeon "home".

Lira, I have our Leafs tickets. :D Anna, I just mailed your tape. You should get it on Monday. :D
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