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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Stupid Ducklings

Why couldn't they have just beaten the stupid Bruins? They had a 3-1 lead!!! But no they had to fucking blow it and lose in OT, thus almost certainly guaranteeing a win over the Sharks. (My mind works in wonderful ways, doesn't it?) :D

And fucking Ozolinsh has to score! Mr Defensive Liability himself who I shriek at during almost all Ducklings games. And Petr! Gah, I knew he was going to score, because he always scores against us when I watch live/real-time! And that big stupid smile on his face, and the dorky goal celebration and ... and ... you know, it's really hard to hate someone that smiley and dorky.

His assistant coach fondled him from behind after his goal. I was traumatized. :(

Watched Thrashers/Bolts. I love to watch Khabi make saves. He's just so quick; like he snaps into place. Like a twitch? :) Anyway, the tape for annapeace is filled with Bolts, Oilers, Wings and Seriya goodness. Email me your address and I'll send it to you real soon now.

I was up until 3 AM fiddling with things and I now have a fairly awesometastic A/V set up. Basically I can record two things at the same times and watch live TV or something recorded on the TV at the same time. :D Yes, I actually do this. Like tonight I'm possibly going to be watching Leafs/Stars while recording Flyers/Ducklings and Angel.

I'm never leaving my room again, am I?

Mmm, lunch was meatloaf, mashed potates and gravy and vegetables cooked for so long they're soft. *food coma* *falls asleep on keyboard*

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(Deleted comment)
*grin* They're doing awesome! I haven't seen them play since the Wings game, but I know I will some time, considering we play you guys six times this season. :P

(Deleted comment)
Aww, I heard about that. I'm sorry. :( How long is Palffy out for?

*spanks ducklings* Bad timing yo!

At least they won in OT last night. :)

*spanks petr again*

duuuuuude your tv set up *boggles* Awesome!

Hey! Only Whore gets to do that. :P

Dude I'm in love with it. It is truly awe-inspiring. And I hooked the PS2 up to it too! *squeals*


I am so moving in with you. Your T.V. system is far superior to mine. We'll set up camp in your room, and survive on hockey and what can be slipped under the door.

Come visit me in San Diego sometime. I'll take you out to dinner. *g*

Joolzie suggested a mini-fridge. We'd be all set!

Center Ice is going to kill me.

Hehe thanks! Dunno when I'll make it to San Diego though. ;)

Heeeee DorkyPetr *squish*

He was even dorkier last night when he scored on the PP. *sighs happily*

*curls up on the bed with mae*

Hockey hockey hockey. Good times. :D

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