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The game wasn't as depressing as the score (4-1 Sens) might indicate.

Met Nikki and Charlotte from HD before the game. They're cool. We shared slashy announcer quotes. I liked Charlotte's (on John Grahame): ... and he goes down on his knees and swallows!

We got lots and lots of scoring chances, but we couldn't finish. A couple of their goals were kind of flukey ones. Nabby should have had that penalty shot. Hmm, I like Hossa. Like he really does work and try hard. I appreciate that. I love Thorty. He was actually making the effort to hit people.

Speaking of hits, towards the end of the game, when it became obvious we weren't going to win, all the Sharks decided to play "hit Chara". At first, one person would go after him at a time, but of course unless you are also an ogre of some kind (Hatcher, Gill, etc), you just bounce off.

Sharks decided to counteract this with having two guys hit Chara at the same time. While this was effective, it also meant that since everyone's attention was focused on hitting Chara, it was an easy job for the Sens to get the puck and breeze merrily out of their zone.

Lira and I didn't stalk or spot Marty. I'm sure he was sitting up there somewhere getting turned on by big bad Marian with the sexay hair.

Finished reading Preacher today. It's raises all these issues about politics, religion, bigotry of all kinds, what America is, what people believe America is, what people want America to be, but one of the things that really moved me was *embarrassed* just how romantic it all was. In the middle of people getting body parts blown off and extreme sexual deviancy is this really powerful love story. Until the end of the world, indeed.

I'm writing something very upsetting. *weeps*

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