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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Whore is such a whore

I'm so glad that Whore's playing well. I'd be happier if the Ducklings would umm, win a game, but ...

Okay, vs. Nashville, Whore's taken on by 2 guys, and is joined by a third (who somehow manages to lose his jersey). Tonight, again in a scrum, two guys take him on. I mean, he's sexy, but does he really need to be gangbanged every night?

Going to Sens/Sharks tomorrow. There will be stalkage of Marty Havlat. :)

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eeeee must be stalking!!!! ahv fun *squish*

mmmm whore gangbang ;)

Thanks! I even have Havlat and Hossa cards. *weeps*

Mm indeed. :P

heeee lick havlat for me eh? *g* I'll try adn bail you out lol

*DIES* I don't know that he'd take that too well. :P

Guerin wanted a piece of the action, too. He was in the middle of the pileup as I wished I was under him.

He was totally in it, doing the horizontal tango. :P

*GRIN* Oh yeah I hear that :)))

well, there is a reason he is named Whore, is there not? *g*

Havlat! oh please stalk him a bit for me too!

Yep. *grin*

I will! I'll tell him that, too!

*squishes the Whore* He's doing very well. I wish the Ducks would do better only because it makes Petr happy :DD

Holy cow! Everyone wants a piece of him *gg* Guys guys, not cool.

Mmmmm stalkage ;P

Petr's been pissy and stuff. Socute. :P

I guess there's enough of him to go around? *grin*

Heee it's been quite adorable, all pouty and grumpy ;D

LOL! Oh yes, there's plenty enough of him for everyone to get some *GRIN*

Um...yeah, not the best start for the Ducks. I'm hoping they win tomorrow, seeing as how their next game after that is against the Sharks and I don't exactly want them winning then. :P

Have fun at the game tonight!

*weeps* Yes, they can win one then go back to losing after that! *shamefaced*

Thanks. :)

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