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Alyn spam!

Alyn spam. There is much love for him in San Jose. *sighs happily*

McCauley Increasing Role With San Jose

Alyn McCauley was somewhat of an afterthought to prospect Brad Boyes and a first round pick (which was turned into Steve Bernier) when he arrived from Toronto for Owen Nolan.

Now people are beginning to take notice of the Brockville, Ontario native. It is understandable how McCauley didn't garner too much attention prior to his arrival in San Jose, as he was traditionally relegated to a checking role - that is to go out and make sure nothing bad happens instead of making something good happen.

San Jose's management team, which included current Executive Vice President and General Manager Doug Wilson, knew McCauley had potential that had yet to be realized.

"I've known him for a long time as he played for the 67's in junior," said Doug Wilson. "It is not only his work ethic and speed, but his ability to evolve to a higher offensive role that made him the perfect fit and acquisition for this team."

No one is projecting a 100-point season, but in his short stay in San Jose, McCauley has proven to be a valuable acquisition.

A fifth round pick by New Jersey in 1995, McCauley has a history of bigger production when given the opportunity. In his top season in juniors, McCauley posted 112 points in just 50 games for Ottawa. During the crunch time of the playoffs, he scored 14 goals and assisted on 22 others in 22 games as he was named the OHL's Most Outstanding Player and a First Team All-Star for a second consecutive season.

In his NHL career, McCauley, 26, posted a career high 25 points in 80 games this past season. Not exactly eye-popping numbers, but it must be remembered that when McCauley arrived in San Jose last year, he saw an increase in ice time and put up 10 points in 16 games. That's similar to his production that caught the NHL's eye when Mats Sundin went down for Toronto in the 2002 playoffs and McCauley stepped in for 15 points in 20 games.

"I thought I went into the playoffs with a good mentality, but I thought I would be playing just six or seven minutes a game," said McCauley. "I went in with the intensity and then I was playing 18, 19 and 25 minutes a game."

For the first three games of this season, McCauley has moved from the middle to the left wing alongside San Jose's top playmaking center Vincent Damphousse.

"To me Alyn does not have one skill that sticks out, but he is very well-rounded and plays good defense," said Damphousse. "He definitely helps me because he helps on D if I'm not the first one back. Alyn understands he has to get back because of the way I play. He is good at everything."

Not to mention finishing passes from his center as both of McCauley's team leading two goals came from Damphousse.

Early in training camp, Doug Wilson stated that McCauley could be a 20-goal scorer this season. McCauley does not reject that statement.

"I think it's possible," said McCauley. "I've put pressure on myself to come up with a number. If I get 18, I'm not going to be disappointed. You have to have the right approach to contribute on offense You can go out and play 18 or 19 solid minutes and not get in the offense. You don't want to risk anything, but you want to be looking for chances."

McCauley does not necessarily expect to lead the club in scoring all season, but he knows others in the lineup will have to step up for San Jose to have a successful season.

"Guys like Patty, Marco and Vinnie are going to score," said McCauley. "Guys like me and Wayne (Primeau) can be the difference in the team's result. Instead of a tie, it can be a win. If we do our job, then theirs is easier to do."

With his current rate of production, McCauley is quickly becoming one of those guys and averaging just less than 19 minutes a game.

"I get more ice time here and power play time," said McCauley. "It is a different mental approach. I'm not so apt to just dump it in. Not that it is always a bad play, but sometimes I catch myself."

Former Pittsburgh center Wayne Primeau, who battled with McCauley during their junior days and in the Eastern Conference wars, knows what he can expect from his now teammate.

"I know what Alyn can provide off the ice and with the opportunity and what he can do here," said Primeau.

McCauley's bench boss Ron Wilson loves players like McCauley.

"His role is to play hockey," said Ron Wilson. "He was looked upon as being a checker, but we expect him to check and pitch in offensively. Not everyone can be expected to skate like Marleau, but everyone can be expected to play defense like McCauley. He played really well when he came in last year."

Doug Wilson saw a lot of what is coming to fruition right now when the club acquired McCauley at the trade deadline and that is why Wilson locked up McCauley in a three-year contract. That, combined with his leadership skills, is what make him a great fit with the Sharks.

"He is a leader," said Doug Wilson. "He was a captain in juniors, wore the ‘A' in Toronto and represented Canada at two World Junior Championships. He is a true professional, leads by example and maintains a tremendous fitness level."

He may be a leader, but his role is to be a hockey player.

It is understandable how McCauley didn't garner too much attention prior to his arrival in San Jose
Except from us crazy people who read "Long December" and fell in love with him! Hmm, I'd link to it but it seems to be gone from PopWrites. Flan? *scratches helmet, Staios-style*

"I know what Alyn can provide off the ice and with the opportunity and what he can do here," said Primeau.
That hotel stay must have been really fun for those guys. No wonder none of them wanted to move out.

I haven't updated for a while (for me, anyway). I've just been too giddy with the power of Center Ice! Hockey hockey hockey hockey ... *eyes glaze over*

In goodish news, I am now out $68,521.97 (this isn't the good part) and am mailing the last check ever to the government. This means they can no longer come after my sisters (who were guarantors on the contract I signed) if I miss a payment since there are no more payments to miss. I can also pay the money back over the next, I dunno, 10 years? instead of the 3 years it would be according to the current repayment scheme which I've been following so far.

No matter how bad things seem, you can end up okay. :)
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