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Today is a great day! Why? Because I have fresh-baked cookies and milk. Yum. Uhh, no. Those were great (except for the almost throwing up after part), but today is great because there's hockey!!!

The usual Comcast incompetence ensued, and Center Ice wasn't working for me today. I guess it didn't bother me much because I got the game I wanted to watch anyway on ESPN, but it's annoying. I'm safe tomorrow as well since the Sharks game will be on FSN, and the Wings game is on ESPN2.

As for the games themselves ... I watched the Stars/Ducks game. Amused that Guerin got into a fight like 20 seconds in. His goal was purty. Lupul is good. Petr seemed kind of lazy. However, I did get to see his open shorts. It doesn't look weird on him, somehow. Whore had flashes of brilliance. Whore was taken down by Petr. *pause for uproarious laughter* Sami Pahlsson has apple cheeks. Smarco made some nice glove saves.

Whore lost his helmet. Big surprise. I think he needs to attend a class.

So fucking proud of Jilly!!!

I love hockey. And tomorrow? Sharks vs Oilers! *squeaks*

Apparently, I can do 35 pushups (real, not girl) in one minute. God, I'm stupid for doing that while I'm sick. :(
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