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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Oh Flannery ...

Guess who they featured on Shark Byte? One of your many boyfriends Scott Parker. :P Including gratuitous (half-)nudity! because they wanted to show off his tattoos. He's got a Harley logo on his left bicep, and some generic skull/demon thing on his right one. Did you know he watches tapes of fights? He does it to learn opponents' tendencies and stuff. *boggle*

And apparently we have a pro lacrosse team around here now! *squeaks* San Jose Stealth.

Oh and and and my channel lineup changed! Which is exciting because it means that the network's been upgraded and I can get Center Ice! *explodes with joy* *sighs* *rolls around in hockey happines*

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dude I used to love lacrosse when we played it in gym *grin* We used to call it kill each other with sticks :D

LOL! It did kind of look that way, from the clips I saw! :)

heh, lacrosse rocks.

and...*is jealous* I want NHL Center Ice *whines*

Never really cared about it until I watched Tammy play. It's fun! :)

Why can't you get it?

eh, it's too hard to order from the school cable, they make you deal with a ton of shit. plus, i do not yet have sufficient funds. :(

Oh school cable eh? *twitches* Err, at least you should get stuff on FSW.

lacrosse rocks, it is very very fun to watch.

awww goons doing their homework, what would the tests be like? I can imagine Tie Domi like being all eagar "Pick me! Pick me! I know what arm Owen Nolan punches with first!"

*rolls around with mae* - in HOCKEY you understand :)

It's like hockey, but not at all! Or something. I have warm, fuzzy feelings attached to it because of Enid Blyton books. :P

*dies* Dude ... he went into detail about that kind of thing! They also threw in a gratuitous clip of Thorty fighting Semenov last season. :)

Right. *winks*

I still haven't recovered from him teaching little Colorado schoolchildren that VIOLENCE ISN'T THE ANSWER!

And *dreamysigh* I know he SOUNDS tough, what with the tats and the Harleys and the watching fights... but he has kitties! Two of them! And he just seems like a great, big teddy bear and...

*runs away before further embarassment occurs*

That was the funniest thing ever! The kiddies were all like mature about it and stuff, too. :P

Hey! Guess who on the team has tattoos on each bicep and rides Harleys and fights a lot too? *swoons*

I think you may have to wrestle flanneryflyer for him! :)

See, normally I would be squealing maniacally about that! But because of Teemu and Sakic, I'm picturing them all cuddling together, watching a Lifetime movie or something. :P

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