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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Outed by my icon!

I talked to someone from my pirate game on AIM and my icon is set to the Natuzzi kiss pic, and he immediately asks me, "Jeez what is it with women and seeing two guys together? You don't write yaoi/slash fanfics about them, right?"

To which I answer, "I do!"

I figure if he knows what they are, he's at least somewhat receptive to them. ;) So very weird, though. *giggle*

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markus -->Uke
todd --> seme.

*brain explodes*

It was only a matter of time until the gap between anime yaoi and hockey slash were joined together.

Hahahaha. Laraque x Comrie.

actually,i ve thought of it before, but since most of my friends dont do japanese cartoons/yaoi, i never mentioned it.

i was also hoping to find a doujinka to make an anime sketch of natuzzi ;D.

i looooooooooooooooooooooove soundwave.

Meep. *does both* And so true.

*giggle* That would be sooo awesome. I would pay good money to have you send me that.


Maybe I could get Super-B to... *plot*

Damn right..Soundwave rouls!
*turns into boombox and runs away*

boom boxes can run away!

is that star scream??? coool. what are the names of the blue one and the black and purple ones like him?

Skywarp and Thundercracker.
They get turned into Scourge and Cyclonus in the movie.

Unrelated topic, I support Megatron x Soundwave.

coooool. *sniffles* i miss old school transformers.

ravage, laserbeak were the best of soundwaves' casettes.

er... how does one slash robots? can you gimme a link so that i may broaden my horizons? ;D

Hahahaha, I'll see what I can find.

Transformers slash is great.

who do you slash Prime with? the medic van or the red and gray guy?

I saw some definite Hot Rod x Optimus slash, but I wouldn't rule out Optimus x Ironhide.

i cant remember their names. i wanna see bumblebee (?) x Optimus. ;D hee hee.

but i love soundwave forever. i remember when my parents got me a soundwave. *sniffles* good times.


*was born after the good transformers were all gone*

ahhh poor you. i got aaaaall the good ones. i took my soundwave to bed every night when i got him. :D

ebay sells some overpriced ones.

Man, I went to this Japanese store near me and they're selling re-issues for like $70.

So bad.

Laraque/Comrie has been written. More than once I think. :P

The one I do remember was really good, though. :)

Should I traumatize you with Hatcher/Comrie? (That one's been axed, though.)


Chip once mentioned Hatcher/Chara - ogre/troll slash!

*hands you scissors* Please remove my eyes.

I have a comrie georges fic :) they are great muses

I don't see what the big deal is--I mean, it's just the equivalent (for us) of guys liking female-female stories. Seriously. :p

I think the idea of attaching specific names and/or faces to the pairing might make it weird for people. If it was just OCs that probably wouldn't get anything beyond the usual "*shriek* gay stuff!" reaction.

it's not all men kiss, just really hot adorable blondes kissing their burly protector. *sigh*

I agree with what you told me a long time ago, I don't care is people know I write slash, I don't wanna be friends with people who aren't open minded :)

With curls! *swoons*

Slash is taking over anyway. :P There are at least 3 or 4 slashy references in every issue of Entertainment Weekly!

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