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Mini Nazzy!

*squeal* I saw the little boy at the school near my house wearing his Canucks jersey again. :) It's got his name on it (Aidan, #7) not one of the players', and he he looks like a miniature Markus Naslund! He's got a similar haircut, but his hair is wavy rather than curly. I looked around for a miniature Todd Bertuzzi, but he was nowhere to be seen. I shouldn't have bothered - I mean if there were a mini-Todd, he'd be with mini-Nazzy, right? :D

There was a bum sitting on a ledge by the sidewalk peeing. Oh boy, public penis sighting #2! That was all right, but he left this trail of destruction that originated from the bus stop where I wait for my bus to work. He threw up at the bus stop! And there were pigeons eating the puke! Blech!

I've been reinstated as an officer in my pirate crew (someone wasn't taking good care of our ships), and apparently my peers think I'm a good pirate. *sniffles happily* Uhh, this would be in the pirate game I play online. I don't actually think I'm a pirate. *coughs* YARRRRRR!!!
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