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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

I scored 5/10. I was too busy laughing at the pictures. I guess this is why an online friend expected me to answer the door with a chainsaw and a shotgun.

Bought wireless phone jack yesterday out of laziness. Bad interference on the line, as in audible crackling and stuff. I might just be forced to go with the other option (which is the better one but I'm so lazy).

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hah i got 9/10 (because im super cool *nods*) anyway, i thought you said you were "wireless jacking off"... yeah, i should stop talking to mark.

9/10, too. And the sound effects... scary.

that means you;re super cool too. *nods*

*cheers* Wireless jacking off! Remote masturbation? This is an interesting concept!

*giggles* 8/10 ... and I guessed most of them. Great site.

Most? You recognized anyone there? :P

I definately recognized Son of Sam ... maybe another serial killer. ;)

It's really upsetting how one could pass for the other (kind) for a lot of them at a glance. :P

*snickers* I got 5/10 too ;D

5/10. i think everyone is a serial killer. *g*

Not an unfair assumption ... ;)

6/10. The thing is that the serial killers tend to look like computer programmers. LOL Okay, obvious duh, but seriously, listen. What I did was go through that and go with my first instinct--like who looks creepy? Must be serial killer. Wrong. And then I started thinking--okay, who looks creepy? Computer programmer. Serial killers generally look really normal. They're the quiet ones you never suspect.

They are! Like Dany Heatley! Heatley could be a serial killer! *eyes him suspiciously* Maybe Ron Francis too.

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