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How to search HD archive by date and keyword

Of interest only to HD members: how to search the HD archives by date and keyword.

The HD archive search is ridiculously slow. Each page of search results takes a long time to load, and there's no built-in way to skip to a certain date. However, CIA!Mae has a way. :D

  1. First, go to the HD home page and click on the month you want to search in. Note down the first message number. If you want to search at the end of a month, it's probably easier to click on the next month, so it's closer to your search range.

  2. Type in your keyword and click Search Archive like you would a normal search.

  3. Click Next to get the next page of search results.

  4. Edit the URL string, replacing the message number with the number you noted down earlier, and hit enter to reload the page with the new URL.

  5. Now you can click Previous to search in the future or Next to search in the past, relative to that date.


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