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We'll swallow you whole

According to the new Sharks motto, my team is a bunch of whores. That motto gives me many images, all of them good. I wonder if that will improve attendance from the San Francisco residents. :D

I'm deciding between TiVo and a computer-based solution for recording TV programs. Oh, who am I kidding? For recording hockey.

TiVo is what I've been using, and it's very lazy-friendly. I'd have to get a wireless phone jack thingie, though, once the TV stuff moves to the new room.

Computer solution is kind of appealing, because it's free (since we happen to have an extra computer lying around the house gathering dust) aside from buying the vidcap card, and I'd be able to make little .avis of my favourite slashy bits! :)

Storage is another issue. Hard disks are super cheap so I'd be able to have tons of storage using the computer. I could always open up my TiVo and slap in a drive, but I don't feel like messing around with that (There's some possibly hairy stuff involved). And given that I'm recording hockey, which pretty much needs to be recorded at the highest quality to look all right, I could use the extra storage.

So it really sounds like I should just pick up that vidcap card and set everything up. Except that I'm lazy and would have to do research. *prods self*
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