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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Recent Accomplishments:
  • Becky loves Hatcher.
  • Kennedy got a Modano/Hemsky bunny (make-up and hair extragavanza)
  • Became officer of a crew in my pirate game in one day

All I ate on Saturday was a piece of birthday cake. I ate a bit, put it down and Chip came in and started wolfing it. It was upsetting because I was starving and I hadn't slept in a while (Yar, that pirate game be addictive!). Granted it was his birthday cake, but there was more in the fridge! So I snatched it back and growled at him. He left.

Jamba juice feels like nothing but sugar. I can have a 24 oz smoothie and still feel hungry. Hungry but too lazy to get more food.

Ahh fuck it, I'm going to Subway.

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and her love for hatcher is proportional!

*sits you down* *feeds you*

She has a lot of love for him!

Yum. Thanks. :)

But that bunny was sent out into traffic almost immediately, so it hardly counts!

But you had it. For that fleeting moment, you envisioned Hemsky running his fingers through (the remains of) Modano's hair, and Modano cradling Hemsky's chin as he painted lipstick onto his lips with a brush.

Yes, I admit it. I admit you are EVIL. Damn you CIA! The horror, the horror. Wanna hear what's really disturbing? In my mind, it was really detailed, like Hemsky was in his gear up to the waist and Modo was in street clothes... WTF does that mean? Do I need a slurpee brainfreeze or what!?!

The evil sprang from SDQ. Blame here. I used to be staunchly anti-trauma. :)

Great. Now I have that image too. But strangely, it doesn't bother me. It must be one of my special abilities as Purveyor of Evil!

It means you should write it.


*SHRIEK* What would they do, shave each other's legs? Dear GOD.

heeee you have super persuasive powers!!

*feeds you*

I did say that I wanted to have Jean Gray's powers, of all the X-Men. (I said this before she became uber-powerful in X2. *giggle*)

Mmm, thanks.

This has got ot be one of the most amusing posts Ive read in a long time, thank you. It was great. Haha. Birthday cake, I have been craving that liek a mad woman. It's sad. Ha. I want some so bad. And Subway is friggin good too. Haha. I love food. It's a good thing.

When in doubt growl at someone who tries to steal cake.. it works every time.

*giggle* Glad you were amused! Mmm, I love food too. *sighs happily* You know, eating is the national pasttime in Singapore (where I grew up) *grin*

Growling is handy! :D

Well gosh, I need to live in singapore then. Food is a beautiful thing. I enjoy it very much. Ha

Growling really is handy. I keep it around when I need it too. Ha

Yes, or at least visit. You know, it's not considered unusual to just go have an extra meal in between lunch and dinner, or after dinner. It's just kind of a thing we did. :P

I'd imagine that you'd be a fierce growler!

Hahaha I am a fierce growler... I gotta get what I want. so I RAWR and GROWL all the time. Haha.

That is great, it's actually more healthy to have more meals in the day so you are a step ahead everyone else!

You know what is sad? I still want cake. Ha

But that's the same amount of food divided over more meals, right? For us, it was additional. :P

I want cake too. Hmm, where can I get cake around here? Must have cake! *shrieks*

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