The Invincible M.A.E. (harleymae) wrote,
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Recent Accomplishments:
  • Becky loves Hatcher.
  • Kennedy got a Modano/Hemsky bunny (make-up and hair extragavanza)
  • Became officer of a crew in my pirate game in one day

All I ate on Saturday was a piece of birthday cake. I ate a bit, put it down and Chip came in and started wolfing it. It was upsetting because I was starving and I hadn't slept in a while (Yar, that pirate game be addictive!). Granted it was his birthday cake, but there was more in the fridge! So I snatched it back and growled at him. He left.

Jamba juice feels like nothing but sugar. I can have a 24 oz smoothie and still feel hungry. Hungry but too lazy to get more food.

Ahh fuck it, I'm going to Subway.
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