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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Back from the cabin in the woods by the lake in the mountains

Happy birthday, joolzie!!! And have happy Martian dreams. :D

It occurs to me like three people knew I was going to the cabin in the woods by the lake in the mountains for the weekend. :P Umm, well, I'm back, I had fun and we have no pictures because the digital camera was in Chip's backpack that was immersed in the lake when he swam across it two hours after sunset because he couldn't find a way to get around it. I don't see much solo hiking in his future outside of places with very clearly marked trails.

There are NHL Legos! Go look! http://shop.lego.com under Lego Sports. Joolzie told me about them in IM - she was very excited! I'm excited too! *hops*

Kennedy, oh sorry, fake!MacT, makes great illustrations!

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welcome back sweetie! *hugs you*

And have happy Martian dreams. :D

Was that intentional or...

*hugs* Thanks so much, Mae. :)

*hugs* Hope your birthday wishes come true. :)

mmm martian dreams *gg*

heee *cuddles you* welcome back even though I already said it lol

Yum indeed. *sighs happily*

*cuddles* Thanks! *giggle*

eek! Your topic gave me preposition overload! *giggles* Welcome back!

Dude, Lego hockey! We used to have a G.I. Joe hocket tournament at my house when I was a kid, but Lego is way cooler!

What do you get when Kennedy is stuck in an office with no golf on the immediate horizon? "MacT PainT". Also, a shortage of stir sticks in the breakroom, but that's another story for another time.

They kind of remind me of killer robots a bit. *whistles innocently*

LOL! They were awesome. And what exactly have you been doing with the stir sticks? *peers*

Ooohhh... Lego... luv lego... Oooohhh... Hokey lego...(pulls out creditcard)

Are'nt weekend trips to the lake fun? Specially when Non-lake/camper people are involved?

I know, it's like this blissful holy union of two wonderful things. *sighs happily*

It was fun. High-altitude hiking is hard, though! I could feel my lungs working overtime. :P

I so miss hiking, my knees are so screwed. But I still love to just camp, drive for hours up old loggin/mining roads and find quiet places to camp, so cool.

I'm kind of iffy about camping - I've never been before! But that does sound nice. :)

I love camping, just a tent sleeping bag, cook stove, bug repellent, food and beer. This is-the Place that I camped elevation about 2000 meters (approx 6200 ft") middle of june. There was frost on the tent when I woke up.
And I found This just to the left of the lake, about 300 meters up the cliffs. I so want to go back when there is snow on the ground.

Ooh, that is so pretty!!! I was at about 7800 feet or so and there weren't as many trees and stuff, but lots of fun granite that was easy to hike over.

It's nice being in the mountains. :)

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