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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Have you risked your life today?

Taking Lindy Hop lessons again with Alex for a month. He gave me a ride there on his motorcycle. Weaving between cars, huge-ass buses at (seemingly) high speeds was pretty terrifying. You feel possible death or serious injury the entire time. :P Not as scary as the cliff hike I did in Hawaii, though. Ride home was pretty fun as there were fewer cars.

Time to get my Harley! ;)

Lindy Hop is fun but I can't follow a lead very well.

Haven't written fic for at least two weeks. Well except from that incredibly traumatizing thing which is a secret. Shh! *pokes JS fic* Wake up! Maybe using the JS icon will work. :P

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mmm motorcycles :)

*turns key and tosses it away*

*pokes js fic* *licks him*

dancing sounds cool!!!

*licks him too* Mmm, French Canadian flavour.

It was! :D

heee I wonder what french canadian flavour would be lets play stereotypes. Maple syrup and cigarettes? *giggles*

That sounds better than poutine, at the very least! :P

duuude poutine is gooooood :D

Hehe it probably is. I've never tried it but the description sounds awful. :P

*giggles* it looks awful too

Well except from that incredibly traumatizing thing which is a secret. Shh!

You wrote Sedincest?

*runs away very quickly*

You know, I think this would traumatize you even more than Sedincest.

>traumatizing thing<

ohhh I do enjoy a good traumatizing :)

When you get a harley I demand a ride *hugs Mae*

*clings so I don't fall off*

You seem to! *weeps*

But of course! :D Hold on tight. *winks*

Motorcycles kick ASS, for the record.

I knew you were cut out for one the moment I dreamed it! You could have come to the Harley convention in Chicago.

They are fun. :) *giggle* That sounds interesting!

Hoarded Maefic??? *pounces, wrangles it from her*

It's not done and it's secret! *peers around warily*

I went off to a cabin by the lake (no Judd Nelson or drowned women in the bottom) in the woods in the mountains, not too far from where you were, I think!

Ohhhhhhh. I totally knew that. *g*

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