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Thank you so much, spoothbrush, for introducing me to what may be the most bizarre MMORPG I've ever come across. And shamefully fun, too, for being basically a bunch of puzzle games. *weeps* Try it out: Puzzle Pirates. I somehow wandered onto a good crew or something, and I made good booty!

It's so funny, most of the people talk in-character, like greeting each other with "ahoy" and calling each other mate and stuff. It's really cute! And I have no idea what's going on, but there seems to be some very complex economic system going on. I'll have to read the help.

Welcome back, Tammy! *cuddles*

Shit, even his voice rocked my cock. is my favourite line in recent memory from ficcage. :P (Vena, Going For Broke part 2)

Okay, HD/IHC people, how many of you were hyper last night (Sunday night)? I think we may be synchronized beyond our writing periods ...

Poll #175018 Slash Synchronization

Were you hyper last night?


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