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Flash that mountain lion!

Happy birthday, ajaroo!

Eep. Forgot to close my window last night so the joyful playing of children at the school was extra exuberant this morning! *rubs eyes*

The shoutcast internet radio stations (linked from are cool. Lots of broadband feeds, so I can listen to stuff at 128 Kb/s, i.e. mp3 quality. *cheers*

HD is slow. How slow? I'm caught up! *prepares for fic deluge*

I've been re-inspired to write by, of all things, the author's note to one of Tammy's fics. :P She's inspired more of my fics than any of the boys themselves or real life events, LOL! The book that inspired this fic is amazing, and I think I've subconsciously been trying to match up to it. In other words, dooming myself to failure and disappointment. And then I thought, "Hey, oh yeah, I write for fun!" It's really cool that people read my fics, but that's a bonus. It makes me happy to write, and I enjoy writing this fic. Thank you, Tammy. :)

I have a Worst Case Scenario Survival Guidedesktop calendar and yesterday's topic was "How to Escape from a Mountain Lion". The illustration seems to indicate that you do this by flashing it. Read it an apparently the first tip is: Try to make yourself appear bigger by opening your coat. *grin*

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