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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Another weekend shot to hell

I was woken up by screaming children today. I guess that means school has started. You know how kids usually scream while in the throes of some game or other? One day, I saw these three kids playing a game where the objective seemed to be to scream at each other. They were standing in a circle, triangle whatever, and just screaming their heads off at each other.

I walked to work today, trying to get some sun and minimal exercise. I'm trying to get rid of the ridiculous tan lines I got while hiking on Hill 88 like two months ago. Chip and Alex are back to their usual lily white selves while I have brown patches. Ugh.

You are Eric Brewer. The better you play, the more
you are ignored, which is fine by you. Your
greatest source of amusement is your Russian
teammate, who incidentally, is more likely to
answer interviewers with full sentences. You
even have an economical nickname, Brew. It's
possible you are underrated, but maybe you just
haven't yet become the player you will be.

Which Edmonton Oiler are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Apparently I'm effin' gorgeous! Although Al keeps giving me those funny looks ... *shudder*

The fake!Slovak posse is growing. *scared* They have to be countered with more Czechs! Kind of like Swedes vs. Finns. :P

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kids are weird *nods* and way too loud. :(

*g* How old are ya now mae? :P

They are! *fears*

LOL! So you're Al? *grin*

*fears as well*

meep! I'd be AL if it meant doing Brew :D

The sacrifices you'd make to screw a beautiful hockey player!

I know! lmao. I'll take one for the team yo

LOL we're talking Oilers here right? I could make a list :P

*laughs* Its so much more fun to pair them up with each other though :)

Or test out line combinations! :D

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