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The Invincible M.A.E.

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No more booze

As yummy as they are, no mixed drinks for me today. Three a day was a little ambitious, I think. I had Swamp Water (blue curacao, rum, OJ) in the morning and a peach bulldog (peach schnapps, vodka, cranberry juice) at night. With Alex. I drank with a Russian. *snicker* I think the one sip I took of his drink had more alcohol than in my entire glass. I think drunken singing occurred.

Loss of fic ideas coincided eerily with start of mixed drink experimentation. Ugh.

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ha ha! hate to tell you this but you have the curse of the NG family inability to break down alcohol. you don't react badly at first but if you ever get really drunk, the body recognizes this thing called alcohol and the next time you drink some you'll react very violently usually by spewing (oz term) you guys say puke.

apparently 50% of asians don't have this enzyme to break down alcohol. no prizes as to which half of the 50% we all belong to. take it easy and never have alcohol on an empty stomach or when you're on medication like antibiotics or chip will get to see how green as a colour suits your face. hee hee. mixed drinks that have sugar are worse cuz the sugar enhances the effect of alcohol. which explains why i can never drink the japanese slipper again. the smell of the midori liqeuer is enough to make me run to the toilet.

Well, that certainly puts a damper on things! Hmm, I've never gotten really, really drunk, I don't think. I always throw up before then.

I didn't know that sugar enhances the effect of alcohol! Maybe I should just stick to beer and wine. :(

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