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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Mmm, mixed drinks ...

There is so much fucking booze in the house. "Alex, we're out of sour mix. Can you get some more?" "Sure." And he returns with another $400 of alcohol.

Nothing much to write, I've been working hard (or is that hardly working?) this week, trying to finish up a project. But there's always little enhancements to make, or things that I forgot about and should be put in. Next time, I'm going to have more of a plan! I write outlines for fics, I should do a similar thing for work. ;)

Back to booze. We have this book that has over 2600 drink recipes! So far I've tried Sex in a Bubblegum Factory, Banana Split, Electric Watermelon and Caribbean Screw. If I pace myself this weekend I could maybe have 3 drinks a day! *shakes fist at low tolerance*

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I'll bring the chinchillas!

or... something...

duuuude *screws plans and goes to your house* LOL

Gin and tonic. It's a classic for a reason, yanno.

I'll bet you like vodka shots too. :P

Vodka tastes like hairspray. Words of Wisdom from my sister.

Score. Screw the h-d roadtrip, we'd just all party at your place.

There's lots of space, everyone is welcome! *mixes everyone drinks*

heee! i'll come over. Im fun AND i DONT drink so there would be more for everyone else! ;)

I'll make you a Shirley Temple. We even have the damn maraschino cherries! :)

hmm, i was planning on roadtripping up to Northen Cal next month. if it happens, save me some tequila!

You are? Cool! Sure thing! :)

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