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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Trying to be positive ...

Well, instead of ranting, I will list positive things about the Sharks/Canucks game tonight. *ahem*

  • Miikkachu (name courtesy of branwynelf) was awesome
  • Marco Sturm's ass goal
  • Sexy bitch's solo PK effort that shaved off 1 minute off the penalty

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ASS GOAL!!! *cheers*

sexy bitch!! Mmmm, hesorock!!

I was squealing "ass goal!" madly at Chip. He concurred. And sexy bitch always rocks! *hugs him*

ass goal is fun to yell even when it happens again my team *giggle*

*hugs owen too*

Just looked at your profile

Funny that you write slash, my brother and I were thinking last night that hockey slash is a must. Were you watching the FoxSports broadcast or the CBC one (I see you're in Canada ... where?). The FoxSports broadcaster, Drew Remenda, has a thing for Owen. I keep telling him, when he starts in on his OwenPraise "Just go away for a weekend already and get it out of your system!" hee hee

HockeySlash. Yum!

Re: Just looked at your profile

Shh! Careful with that, Branwyn ... Frala is fearless and will write anything! (Or am I just encouraging you?)

Re: Just looked at your profile

Im in BC, close to the Alberta border and way the frick up north, lol.


Hockey slash is quite yum *grin*

My brother and I were calling out "Butt Goal!"

Too bad that yet again the Sharks only woke up in the third period.

Oh and Mae, you left off Owen's actual good move (for once). That wrap around where he hesitated to get the goalie to commit up or down and then tried to go upstairs on him was SWEET. I'm thrilled to see Owen actually playing with some thought instead of just playing hard and hoping luck and brute strength will carry him through. At this rate I may actually have to stop calling him "Choke."

Ooh you're right, that was sweet!!!

He's already so dangerous with just his "force of will" goals. Smart and skilled Owen? NHL, beware ...

Smart and skilled Owen? NHL, beware ...

I won't hold my breath ...

Re: Not an Owen fan ...

Aww ... I love Owen. :) I guess you could say I have a captain fetish. *giggle* Hmm except for Peca. *scowls at him*

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