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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thanks for lunch, Trevor!

I am either hungover or I don't have enough sleep. Or I could be hungover and not have enough sleep. Or I could be feeling crappy after crying just before bed and not having enough sleep. So many possibilities.

I dreamed about Trevor Linden this morning! He bought me (and some other person who I don't remember because I was too busy paying attention to Trevor Linden) lunch, and he was very quiet and his curls were very nice and glossy and soft-looking. I feel happy now. :) I would probably be happier if I hadn't been woken up by a tummyache and got to spend more time with Trevor. :P

The bruise on my right calf that I got from assembling furniture on Monday has blossomed and bloomed into a floral purple and red 3" X 1.5" patch. Our guests at dinner were duly impressed with it.

Speaking of dinner, mixing cocktails is way too much fun in a little kid kind of way. You get to mix colorful liquids together following recipes named fun things! Oh, and sex in a bubblegum factory really does taste like bubblegum.

I have gained 6 pounds over the past 1 or 2 months or something like that. I stare in the mirror and I think I look the same. I'm not very observant about these things, though. People lose 20 pounds and I think, "Hmm, they look kind of ill."