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Dinner with Lira and CC!

Had an awesome time with Lira and CC last night! :)

In the grand tradition of mishaps while meeting HD people, I gave CC the wrong street name to meet me at for lunch. *shamefaced* After a brief delay *coughs* I did meet up with her. She is supercool and supernice, which you already knew if you've talked to her online. :D

We had dinner at CPK and went wandering downtown for a sports bar because they wanted to watch the Red Sox play the A's. :P We got kicked out of one *shakes fist* for barfighting. Um, no, not really. But we found another place that didn't kick us out. Baseball is not my thing, but it was fun to listen to Lira and CC talk about it because of their enthusiasm and they made it interesting debating the neanderthal aspects of a certain player, etc. All baseball players seem to have some degree of OCD. So do hardcore baseball fans for that matter. ;)

You know when I talk about my low tolerance for alcohol? I am not exaggerating. I turned red after like a quarter glass of a beer. It was sad.

Lira has started a fic with a pairing that will make some of you shiver in your boots. Or more likely, shriek very loudly.

I had a really great time. *sighs happily* *cuddles Lira and CC*
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