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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Urgh, assembled furniture for two hours. Have mysterious bruise all across calf. *pokes it* Ow.

Welcome back, spoothbrush!

I'm meeting Lira and CC for dinner tomorrow! I didn't know that California Pizza Kitchen was a national chain/franchise/whatever. I thought it was, well, only in California. :P

So tired, but must angstify Whore for a bit before sleep ...

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They ARE terrifying. You can see the building by the freeway into Chicago for about ten minutes approaching and ten minutes receding. (Also, it's flat here.)

*shudders* Alien!Mats is terrifying in itself.

That must totally be their strategy. That big block of blue (with yellow highlights) extends their sphere of dominion.

And so hilarious! :D

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