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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Urgh, assembled furniture for two hours. Have mysterious bruise all across calf. *pokes it* Ow.

Welcome back, spoothbrush!

I'm meeting Lira and CC for dinner tomorrow! I didn't know that California Pizza Kitchen was a national chain/franchise/whatever. I thought it was, well, only in California. :P

So tired, but must angstify Whore for a bit before sleep ...

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You'd figure that the California Pizza Kitchen would be in CALI only since this isnt where real pizza is anyway... haha. it's so bizarre!!!

*giggle* Exactly! It's basically, umm, regular food put on pizza, lol!

Haha that is California for ya!! Haha.... we are an interesting state... just put everything we have on a pizza! It'll work!

c'mere! i wants to poke it! im in a poking frenzy


*shrieks* Yow!

You know I think it's coming back to me ... I must have gotten it when I slipped, tripped and stumbled near the bookshelf about five times as I try to regain my balance.

HAHA! i enjoy your pain *is a dominatrix*

heheheheh *snicker* oH! were you looking for sympathy???? damn! uh... might want to ask frala or moho for that. im fresh out. ;P

JK! be lazy next time. just sit on your couch and VEG.

Yay for dinner and CPC!

They have oh so yummy shrimp pizza... eat a slice for me!

*shrieks* The shrimp and garlic one? I love that! :)

*rubs bruise agian* :)

Eeeee have fun!!!!!!!!!

mm angsty whore *drools*

*giggle* Thank you!!!

He's so fun to angstify! Actually, more pissed off than angsty at the moment, but that will soon change! Bwahaha!

*giggle* bwah! *pets him* :D

It took you two hours to assemble furniture? Were you, by chance, using one nail and a pocket screwdriver?

*hangs head* I didn't know that California Pizza Kitchen was even from California. I just thought the owner thought it was a cool name.

I was using one of those tiny, umm, L-shaped pieces of metal, that kept slipping out of the screws.

It was started by two lawyers in Beverly Hills, which kind of disturbs me, for some reason.

I believe you are referring to an L-bracket, yes?

That is faintly disturbing. It is beyond me why any lawyer would want to open a pizza kitchen.

Allen wrench!

It's kind of hexagonal, right?

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