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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Alex got lucky!

Happy belated birthday, andthemoon! And happy birthday to kpavuk and stormshaman!

More Arkora fic, aka Whore angstification, written! I might actually finish writing it today.

I was considering playing Freedom Force all over again with an all-female squad (excluding required members for a particular mission, of course). I didn't play Blackbird or Law at all. I might also want to try Bullet and Iron Ox out, but I can probably use cheats to get those guys to putz around with them. I wonder if there's special bitchy dialogue between Alche-Miss and Eve if they're in the same squad. *giggle*

I started playing Descent 3 and it's so nice to have those six degrees of freedom again. Quake is kind of there, but it's still only, umm, four and a half degrees of freedom? It reminded me of the old days, when I played it online over Kali, which is what you had to use to play it over the internet, because games like Doom and Descent only supported multi-player over IPX. I got that weird nostalgic feeling, which is kind of sucky. It didn't help that the intro cinematic to the game shows the Pyro GX being blackened to a crisp and then expelled to burn up in a planet's atmosphere after the pilot is rescued from it. ;)

There's a soundtrack for American McGee's Alice that I'm thinking of getting! I really loved the music in that game. It gave it a great atmosphere. According to the reviews on amazon.com, the tracks are supposed to be expanded and even better than what was in the game, so that's even more incentive to get it. *ponders*

Ooh, cute seven-legged spider making its way down to the floor like a rappelling commando! Spiders often seem to be missing at least one leg. I guess that's why they have so many, redundancy and all. :P

Hmm, I wrote this entry last night and never posted it. Alex and a girl are talking on the deck, and she's wearing his bathrobe, so I think it's safe to say that he got lucky. *cheers*

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I read that as whore whoreification *giggles* Ahhh so mean to him, poor guy. *loves*

lol go alex! :P

Why is it so fun to make him suffer? LOL! Maybe because occasionally, when he's not looking challenged, he appears to be serious and reflective, as if he's having deep, angsty thoughts or something.

Although, I'm sure he's really just upset about his helmet and chin strap.

dude that might so be it... hehehehe maybe he reads directions befroe every dame and spends the entie game saying them over and over in his mind so he wont forget *giggles*

*dies laughing* I can so see him doing that!!!

Man, I wonder what the people who don't like him say about him. *grin*

*giggles* it makes ya wonder huh? *cracks up*

Iron Ox? A whore video game?

He's slow, but tough. So is the hero!

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