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The Invincible M.A.E.

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For Freedom!

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<lj-cut text="Which Canadian hockey team are you?">
<img src="http://images.quizilla.com/M/mynameismike/1059182174_quizOttawa.jpg" border="0" alt="logo"><br><color=990000><b>You are the Ottawa<br>Senators</b></color><br><br><br><color=3300FF>Congratulations, you are<br>pretty much the most important team Canada has;<br>the one located in the capital, and the face of<br>Canadian owned hockey relies on you.<br>Unfortunately for you though, you are Ottawa.<br>You seem to be in the upper echelon of the<br>league, but, somehow, you remain poor. You are<br>trying way too hard and your players need to<br>grow some balls, and you might eventually win<br>the Cup and save yourself from impeding doom:<br>playing across the border.</color>
<br><br><a href="http://quizilla.com/users/mynameismike/quizzes/Which%20Canadian%20hockey%20team%20are%20you%3F/"> <font size="-1">Which Canadian hockey team are you?</font></a><BR> <font size="-3">brought to you by <a href="http://quizilla.com">Quizilla</a></font>
I would have been shrieking in terror about this if I got the Sens last season, but now I'm kind of happy. :D

I finished re-reading <i>Dance On My Grave</i>. *loves* *cries* I finished playing <i>Freedom Force</i>. I almost feel like playing it again, because I didn't get to try out all the superheroes or develop them fully. (Also, so much sexual tension between Alchemiss and Eve.)

Arkora fic is going. Major angstification of the Whore. I think I may have been converted into evil!love by SDQ and fake!Marian's continual torment of fake!Marty. :D If Chrissy is the gateway drug to hockey slash, SDQ is the gateway drug to evil.

Hello <lj user="iltb">!

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What the hell is up with the insults to every single Canadian team in those results? Not to mention the crap about the Sens being the most important team Canada has.

Gah, not even going to post the results I got, I'm so irritated. I say Quizilla gets a game penalty for being a total moron.

It must have been made by someone who really loves Canada, LOL!

*laughs* I was thinking someone who hates canada myself :)

I was assmuming a leafs fan made it until i read their result but then I was boggled.

arkora fic!! *cheers* angstification of the whore is a wonderful thing. *nods* i want my real computer back so i can work on my arkora fic. *pouts* i'm at serious pen and paper writers block. i need to type it.

sorry to hear about iltb, btw. that one's bad news. ;P

*shrieks* I want you to get your real computer back too. :P There must be more Arkora! *giggle*

Oh dear? Do I need to get trauma vaccination or something?

hee. clare thinks i should read the techie guys arkora fic previews so they'll be motivated to get the computer fixed quick so i can finisht he fic and they can read it. ;P and there must always be more arkora!!! *squishes them*

err, yeah, you might want to get the trauma shot. just to be safe. ;)

LOL!!! I think this is like the sixth different way I've written Arkora already. It's like "Sliders" and the different dimensions. :P

bwaha, an arkora for every dimension! perfect. there are infinite possibilities, and thats a very very good thing! we can't stop writing arkora until we've written all of them...wait, then we can't ever stop writing arkora. that works for me. :P

Works for me too. *grin* There seem to be more angsty than happy Arkora dimensions though. :P

there really does, doesn't there? poor arkora. once my underpantsfic can be finished, that shall change. somehow, rainbow underpants don't inspire too much serious angst. :P

I would be pretty impressed if you could pull that off!

'ello pet.

is that mike ricci's head in between your legs? *squints*


*weeps* Already the trauma starts!

heheheh. just warming up. geez.



HOLY MOTHER! frala really.

you have that double headed sed-ildo plugging you already! geez!

*shriek shriek* But I;d rather have Mike LOL

Duuuuuuuuude Arkora fic! Weeeeeeeee :D YAY for new Mae fic :D Woohoo :D

I got the Sens too. I think that quiz is busted. I want the Canucks!

*giggles* That sounded wrong.

Thank you! :)

Hehe, I wanted the Leafs. :P But I'm happy with Leafs, Canucks and Senators. (I am a team slut.)

Actually, it sounds oh so right. ;)

*giggles* It actually sounds right in a very kinky sort of a way.

Oops did I just say that loud? *runs away*

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