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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Bus musings

I take the bus in every day to work. For some reason, some bus drivers don't seem to realize that people occasionally would like to get off the bus, and don't unlock/open the back doors. This gives rise to the fearsome cry of, "Back door!" This is usually yelled by some old Asian person whose command of the English language is limited to those two words.

A stand-up comic had an amusing observation about this phenomenon. He's noticed that tourists, a lot of whom must think of San Francisco as nothing but a roiling hotbed of homosexual revelry, get these horrified looks on their faces when they hear people screaming "back door".

Bus rides are a lot more entertaining to me now.

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*dies laughing*

Bus drivers are so focused yo! I think they would be happier if they just had a lane to go up and down all day without having to stop for, you know, passengers.

*giggle* They just enjoy driving something so big that they can safely defy the laws of traffic. :)

bigger than the twin towers even?

Dude, Bernie, the images I'm having are ... actually they're kind of ... *shrieks* Nooooooooooo!!!!


randomly I was in my early twenties before I ever rode on a city bus / my previously sheltered life

(Deleted comment)
En vélo? Usually enough people get off at my stops that I never have to be the one shouting "back door". I think it might upset me to do it!

(Deleted comment)
Bus drivers are a species unto themselves.

"How much for a ticket?"
"Two dollars."
"I can't take that?"
"Why not?"
"I have to drive the bus."

*very slowly lays head down on keyboard*

LOL! It's a difficult job. :P

That's hilarious!

I used to live in SF and take the 15 Stockton...if you're ever on that and bored, count the plastic bags.

Elderly Asian people always get to get on the bus first. Lines are for everyone else, and they get to get on after the elderly Asians. Don't argue with them or they'll hit you with their plastic bags.

That's the bus I take to work every day! Pink plastic bags galore! :P

*grin* Think of it as cultural exchange or something! It's a little taste of Asia. :)

And you can get there without a passport!

That's us in NYC everyday. "Baaaaaack Doooooooooooooooor!!!!!"

Bus and subway rides are amusing as hell. I wouldnt exchange them for anything :D

Why is it so hard to open that damn door? LOL!

LOL really, I know. Plus sometimes I'm sleeping and there's all these people yelling back doooooooor, grrrrrrr >:"|

Tough being a bus driver too *shrugs* It's all right.

And dude, we do have a lot of Asian people too. So I always get to see those red bags :D Heehee.

The symbol of Chinatown, all over the world.

Totally. We have a China town and a Korea town. Awesome food, yo!


I am finding flights from Baltimore to SF for under $350 right now, which I consider to be a very good price. Just letting you know :)

*squeals excitedly* You'll get to hear a "back door" in person! LOL!

"BACK DOOR" Ha love it, will have to use it here.

*grin* You can start a trend!

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