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The Invincible M.A.E.

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That's a wedding I'd love to be at ...

Chip says, "The A-Line should have a group marriage."

I really couldn't agree more.

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*squees* they so should! and we should have front row seats. ;D

Yep! Someone needs to chronicle the proceedings. :P

exactly. and who better than us? we would watch very attentively, and take notes! :P

And pictures! Don't forget the pictures! :D

ooh! yes, there must be a full photographic record of all the proceedings! *adds camera to list of things to bring to a-line wedding* hmm, maybe a video camera as well? :D

Oh definitely! Hmm, how would the kiss work? *pictures Whore bending down to kiss Petr and Patrik at the same time*

ahhh dude I cold even help with the plannig *nods* And then get behind the scene shots of them :D Perfect idea!

We should propose this to them! Then they could propose to each other. :D

YES! *g* If we make the plan for them then maybe they won't be so hesistant :D

*squeals madly* Ahh, dude, imagine them all standing around scuffing their feet, lol!

*DIES AGAIN* duuuuuude, I suddenly have the image of them trying to pick out napkins and Json getting all fed up and throwing the book *giggles*

A couple got in a HUGE fight on my store once about napkins, the man yelled the woman cried then that came back the next day and ordered *giggles*

*squeals* OMG they so would do that! And then Petr and Patty would complain about him in Czech.

*giggle* Weddings are stressful!

*giggles* they so would and then Jason would get even grumpier adn then.... make up sex!!!!!

they so are, *g* I was so amused


Who's the guy in your Thorty icon? He kind of looks like Ron Eldard. But, I'm fairly sure that it's not. *g*

Re: *out of the blue*

Oh, that's Scott Thornton, my favourite player. :)

Eee, I like Ron Eldard!

I flooooove Ron Eldard. *sigh*

*offers to cater*

Oh yeah...I'd cater. To their every whim and need /lamelamelamelamelame, oh so lame


*grin* They're so lucky, so many volunteers! :D

Please send me an invitation. I shall be very pleased to attend.

(Deleted comment)

Re: OT: Hockeydreams

Hey Jenny!

I think you're looking for the hockey_dreams community (confusing, I know, sorry. :P) That one is open so you can just click on the "join here" link in the userinfo page. :)

eee that would be so lovely :D

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