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Mental defenses rule!

Chip was displeased with the meshiness of the rainbow-colored underwear. He says pictures will have to be taken in a dark room from far, far away. He also said, glumly, "This isn't what I pictured Derian Hatch-" and froze mid-sentence, his face contorting into a mask of disgust and revulsion for about a minute or so. I was image-free, and hence trauma-free! :D

I'm feeling a little weird, maybe I'm feeling the aftershock of a bombshell (that didn't feel like one, because I knew it was coming) that was dropped on Tuesday night.

If life is horrible for years, and then it isn't, it feels like it not being horrible is more than enough. And it suddenly occurs to me that I don't quite know how to live in the absence of adversity. It's always been about things I hated that I was trying to deal with and get rid of, and they were all gone in one fell swoop, and I never really had the chance to want anything, it seems.

The opportunities in life are a lot scarier for me than the challenges, I guess.
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