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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Catharsis is here!

I received in an envelope today, some rainbow-colored catharsis! :D

I also received my Marian Hossa and Martin Havlat hockey cards that I ordered on Ebay because they were cheap, and if I go stalk them, then I'll have something for them to sign.

Dance on My Grave by Aidan Chambers is an awesome book. It's about a gay boy's first time falling in love. His boyfriend subsequently dies in an accident, but it's not like a really depressing book. Far from it, it's actually hysterical, and the descriptions are amazing and unique, and so is the style, or rather styles, in which the story is told. Read it when I was a kid, and ironically, my first copy was loaned to a friend who died a few years ago. But yeah, reading this again, and I'm falling in love with it all over again.

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*cheers for rainbows* *grins*

I so write down the nsame of that book and will keep an eye out, thanks for the pimping :D

*grin* I so love them! Bwahaha!

It's a wonderful book! *loves*

The reviews at amazon.com make the book sound even better! I should see if the library have that book.

It's an awesome book! Hehe, I think I was your age when I first read it. :P

woahhh that means the book has been around for AGES ;D

*dies* they rock mae they rock hard core mesh!!

wooo! hooray for rainbow-coloured catharsis! :D

bwaha *cheers for sens stalking* it's good to be prepared. ;P

and not that i need anymore books to read right now, but that one sounds interesting...might have to see if i can find it.

Dhip was quite alarmed when he saw them!

Ooh I need to buy sharpies, too!

*giggle* I know what you mean, I hvea lots of unread books lying around the house right now. :P

lol did he find catharsis, or just more trauma? ;P

yes! sharpies are essential for stalking. not that i'd, um, hehe, know or anything.

i've barely made a dent in my summer reading list. *is ashamed* i've read a lot of slash tho! ;P

He hasn't put them on yet, so no chance for catharsis, but he did traumatize himself with an unsavoury image. *grin*

*giggle* Slash does the body good!

*shakes head* poor chip, he just gets himself in deeper and deeper.

lol "a story a day keeps the doctor away"? ;P

He does! It's like watching a runaway train!

*nods* Exactly. :P

I read "Catheter".

My god, Mae.
Is there something you need to be telling me?!

*dies* A rainbow-colored catheter would be just as awful as a regular one I would think!

What? About the Sens?

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