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We're all mad here ...

Oh my, Whoring with Tammy until 6 AM. *grin* Was lots of fun, though. :) And I've had about 2 hours of scattered sleep since then, so I'm insane. My computer decided to go insane too and Alex bought new hardware for it. *cheers* So I basically spent my whole work day building my new machine and re-installing Win2K on it, but there are still problems - oh well, I can fix it tomorrow, when I am less stupid.

Tammy is a goddess. Whee! *twirls her around*

Who else rocks? Frala! And it's her birthday in, umm, 37 minutes. *loves her so much* This is early, but ...

Happy birthday, Frala!!!

Inspired by Joolzie's lovely phrase, "wall to wall smut", Chip has come up with a rating scheme for amount of smuttiness in fic, where smut is measured on a scale of one to four walls. I think half-walls should be valid, for better granularity.

Yeah, I should shut up now.
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