The Invincible M.A.E.

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and at first I thought it was some bukkake thing, but then I looked at the big version and it was actually Prince Fielder in the middle of champagne celebration.

LOL. Dude, the whole clubhouse champagne celebration thing is essentially a pseudo bukkake thing.

It is truly fantastic, all these boys spraying each other, muahahaha!

I maintain that instructions are impossible to read anyway. They were probably written wrong.

also i am glad that you make private posts to remind yourself of things to update about. i do this as well. Now I don't feel weird.

They were just blatantly wrong. They said, "edit this file" and the file that had to be edited was actually somewhere else. *shakes fist*

It's so handy! Cos' you want to post about something interesting, but have no time to fully describe it, so you post "ZITOGAY!!!" private and don't have to try to remember to post about it.

Also, we're both still weird.

I'd rather be weird with you than normal with most people in the world!

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